Selling FAQ

I want to Sell: Questions and Answers

I need the cash, what do you offer?

Quick all-cash upfront sale: I can offer around 80% of the market value depending on the area and home.
Full price (and more) but am flexible with the time-frame: We can work out a payment where its a win-win solution.

Can you help me if I'm unable to make loan payments and have other debts?

Yes. We can work together to find a solution where you no longer have to make any more payments and stop foreclosure. Often, I can find someone to take care of your mortgage payments and other debts (such as car loans, credit card bills, family loans) so you can move forward and prevent affecting your credit rating.

What and where do you buy in Australia?

I buy all types of homes: houses, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, farms.
I buy in Sydney, NSW and all across Australia in any suburb.
I accept all conditions: brand-new to run-down needing repairs.

Do I have to pay commission?

Nope. Zero.

How is this different from selling with an agent?

Selling the traditional way with a real estate agent can be a lengthy process. They have to find a buyer who either has all cash or is bank-approved with a loan. There may be fees involved and you are required to pay commission once the property is sold.
In contrast, I buy instantly or offer it to my network of investors or buyers. No fees and No commission if I buy it direct from you! Even if you are currently listed with an agent, at times, I am able to work together with the agent to come to agreement for all of us.

More questions?
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