Try out the home with owner rights and buy if its to your liking

  • Lock in the price.  Any rise in the value of the home is yours for the keeping. 

  • Put down a small deposit (3-5% of home price)
  • You and I agree on the time to try the home (1 year+). 
  • During the try-period: Pay rent+more
  • The more gives you the right to buy the home at any time before the deadline.
  • The more also goes towards the price of the home.
  • The setup is to let you try while the price remains fixed.
    No more dead rent and the more helps you get 'bank-ready' to buy later.
    It is your choice whether you want to buy.

Rent-to-own is good for you if you:
  • Only have a small deposit
  • Want to test out the home and neighbourhood before committing to buy
  • Want to stop paying dead rent
  • Want some time to save towards a larger deposit, while living in a home that you will eventually own
  • Want to lock-in the home price today
  • Want to make small improvements to the home (hang pictures, paint walls)
  • Sick of moving between rents 
  • New immigrant and can't buy yet
  • Want that choice to buy anytime during the try-period.
Some great articles from reputable companies supporting rent to own:

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