Ownership FAQ

I want to Own a Home: Questions and Answers

Owning a home without the banks? How does this work?

Instead of going through the long bank-qualify process and needing that large deposit, the process is faster and easier. I look at 3 basic things: income, credit history and most importantly, your passion for owning a home!
Both the No-Bank Home and Rent-to-Own puts you on the path of home ownership without getting a bank loan. The aim is to act as a stepping stone and if you wish, to help you shift to a bank with the help of my team of mortgage brokers.
Please read my blog post on Rent-to-Own ('Try Before you Buy')

How much deposit do I need?

The more you can put down towards the home, the less your weekly/monthly payments.
It also depends on the number of applicants and who wants to own the home more than the other!

Should I look at rent-to-own or No-bank homes?

That depends on individual circumstances and things such as, how much money do you have upfront and Stamp Duty. With rent-to-owns or rent-to-buys, you are not locked in to buy so you get to try before you buy. With No-bank homes/vendor finance, the house is essentially yours but you do not need to worry about bank qualifications and the trail of paperwork to move-in. In both cases, you are free to shift to a bank anytime you wish from a month to many years depending on the home.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Late payment penalties may apply. If you stop paying altogether or are unable to catch up on missing payments, you may lose your opportunity of home ownership.

More questions?
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